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Readers Impressions:


Derrick S.

Just finished the book and I wish i found it/was avalaible a year ago. The value that book offers is incredible good. Straight back to back to the point facts and no unecessary page-filling really made me enjoy to read this and it also added new fuel to my motivation to master this path. What i like the most is your writing style. Always in the mentor position, But also how you describe the Facts that people have to face and the mistakes that people should avoid is just like you witnessed and learned them yesterday.

Everything in that book is crystal clear and it definitely encourages people to learn real trading. This book will add a lot of value to the trading community 👍


Mia P.

Just finished reading the 48 Laws of Trading Such a great read. It was so simple for a begging trader to absorb, yet still challenges an experienced trader to asses their current processes and outlook on the market.

If anyone that were to ask me about getting into trading and where to start, this book would without a doubt be one of the first things I’d suggest. It almost seems like the Prequel to the PPT mentorship. Thanks again for the continue value that you all provide us.


Norbert K.

I've read the book, and I liked it so much, it has proven many of my perspectives. I've added only one thing, that is for some laws there you could write some real life examples, because I know, that you write and explain certain things I wouldn't have understood 1 year ago.

But I will come back with the exact part I am thinking of, but overall, VERY GOOD MATERIAL!
Thank you for the opportunity!🙏🏽.


Olivia H.

All i can say is: Holy Fuck! Every Novice Trader should get this book as soon as possible. Like for real. These "Laws" will safe u so much Money, Time and leads you instantly into the right direction if you wanna become succesful in Trading. The Book not only provides u with value on like every single sentence but point out the issues which comes with trading ( especially as novice).

For illustration purposes the book provides u with real world issues, which can be reflected to a Novice Traders Life. Not only beginners can learn from it but also advanced ones. An absolute Blueprint to get succesful in Trading. Follow the Book, pair it with dedication and discipline and et voila 🙂 It is not too lavish, its just on point! I highly recommend this holy grail.


Florian H.

I've just finished reading the book and I have to say I'm incredibly impressed. You lead one on the right mental path, and the reader realizes directly that there is more than just orderblocks and smc. For example, I really liked the part where you draw attention to taxes, something that you don't get told practically anywhere and is often simply left out.

Just REALTALK and no BS ‼️🤯


Emily D.

I finished reading The 48 Laws of Trading, and I really liked it. I believe any person aiming to succeed in trading would find valuable insights in its pages.

I wish I had read a book like that when I started trading—it could have saved me a lot of time.